Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4×4 equipment is our first choice when it comes to upgrading your 4×4’s suspension and other equipment. Why? Simply because we have had extensive experience running Ironman products and never had a failure on any part. Backed further by a 60 000km/3year guarantee on full suspension parts and cutting edge technology, Ironman 4×4 has proven itself in harsh Australian as well as African conditions

Ironman 4×4 has great camping gear as well, ensuring that your adventure will run smoothly in the vehicle and once you have reached your camp!

Big Country 4x4 equipment

When it comes to roof racks and vehicle specific accessories such as in car safes’ we are avid Big Country supporters! The biggest benefit of their aluminium made roof racks is it strength, being able to carry 250kg and made of a welded frame. The roof rack is still modular and accessories can be moved about to suit your needs for your journey. The roof racks are powder coated black. When it comes to accessories specifically for the Land Cruiser 70 series Big Country has numerous storage solutions that will make you wonder why it isn’t standard equipment to start off with! 


Winches are like insurance policies and you will wish you had one if ever you find yourself bogged down somewhere. We fit and supply WARN winches in the Tabor and Zeon range. Feel free to chat to us about choosing the correct winch for your use as winches come in steel cable, synthetic rope and numerous pull ratings.



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